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The Narcissist's Mind Control Tactic of Assumption

Psychopaths use your kindness, sympathy, love and compassion to fill the emptiness that drives them in the aggression to control their target.

  1. Barberable
    In the very beginning, the psychopathic predator approaches a new relationship with the aspect that it is all about you. The first date is the honing of the evil instrument that does hold their great desire to procure what they want. What they want and what you think they want are two different things. They use this assumption that they place in the victim's mind to their advantage. They might use the words, "Let's just be friends and see where it goes." Or they might use a subtle suggestion, "I need you when I go to the doctor because I feel so alone." Those ploys are the covert suggestions that they pose to make you think that it's all about you.

    It is all about mind control and this is how they begin. They then can use your kindness, sympathy, love and compassion to fill the emptiness that drives them in the aggression to control their target. It is your assumptions that they are hoping to build the bridge of lies and deceit to get what they want. They take the assumptions that they have given you with their own lies, deceit and pathological narcissism to instantly take control of your mind, spirit and heart. It all begins with their intent and to plant the assumption in your brain that they are kind, caring, loving with a giving nature. An assumption can be a lie, so how do you know if this person is for real or not?

    The Assumption

    When a psychopath utilizes the mind control of subtle manipulations, the target begins to assume the actions are the intent of their good will, kindness, caring and beginning of love. On a first date, they might ask your birthday in order to secure your heart with a gift that they want to buy you. It is all new, so you don't have time to differentiate what is genuine and what is not. They are hoping that you will assume all the good intentions that go with your kindhearted and loving nature. They might buy a present or use that as a ploy to make you think they're already in love. They might ask you for help in choosing new wallpaper for their bathroom or go shopping to buy new furniture for their living room because they're missing "the special touch". They're applying subtle pressure towards you very fast as a ploy to suck you into their empty life. When a person forges ahead very fast with these approaches, you should heed the warning signal of your heart that this predator has something different in mind and it is not about you but more about them.

    Evil Instrument

    The evil instrument is their voice. They're smooth, direct, and hoping you will respond to the assumptions that they've planted early on (in the first days or first date). The voice is that of a practiced liar, a pathological intent in harming the target for their own self gratification, lust, and need to fill the void that occupies their dark soul. The superficial charm can be often mistaken for confidence and self esteem. The subtle pressure their voice assumes toward the target is all a part of the lie. The lie they live is the lie they project to the world. Eventually, their actions will give them away. Watch, wait and listen to the guidance of your inner spirit and heart. They want someone they can control as the subtle manipulations grow with their increasing lies. When you refuse their manipulations, how do they act? Are they angry, upset and losing control? When you say no to the predator, they will almost always respond in anger, frustration and seek to keep you where they thought they had you.

    A Psychopath Test

    The personal empowerment of saying, "No" is the dividing line between someone who is disordered and those who are not. Most normal people I know respond to "No" as not a big deal if I am doing what is right for me. The pressure a person applies for you to respond to their manipulations are the deciding factor in which separates a psychopath from a normal person. If the acceptance of your "No" is simply, "alright, maybe some other time?" or "that is fine" response without anger is the telltale test of what is not real and what is genuine. The more pressure they apply to your "No's" is a direct indication it is all about them and not about you. If they keep pressuring you to go against what is right for you, then this huge red flag is an indicator of a highly disordered evil being that makes their requests all about them and nothing about you.

    When the people who love you hear the word "No, I cannot do that right now", they respond with love and kindness. Most normal people who have your best interest at heart will want to give you comfort and be of some help. The psychopath is different. Their response to "No" is anger, disgust, and then the degradation of your character has begun. They attack your character with blaming you for something you did not say, making word salads, gaslighting, and projecting their misery to you.

    The power you have over this toxic behavior is to know in your heart where the evil instrument is playing. By knowing where the evil voice is projecting, only then can you silence it. Listen to your heart, soul and mind by giving yourself the self respect in honoring the person you are by saying, "No". Their behavior is unacceptable and the power to say "No" is within your grasp. When you do say "No more", you then validate the intuition that propels your heart, soul and mind to retain self respect. Silence the evil instrument by simply not allowing the intimidation tactics to be greater than your self respect.

    The personal empowerment that is a result of the spiritual understanding that all their lies, deceit, manipulations, gaslighting, projecting, and blaming have nothing to do with you. As time progresses in the experience with these type of toxic people, the greater ability to spot the disordered behavior. As you grow in experience, you will see an increase self respect, self love, self acceptance and the trust of personal intuition as your guidance.

    Practicing Mindfulness Meditations

    Being in touch with your inner self and listening to the intuition can be what separates all the drama the psychopaths of the world create to the sanctuary of your soul. Each day, I have an hour of mindful soul preparation which does give me strength to handle the psychopaths of every day life. There has been a narcissistic boss whom has made my life miserable at work in the past year, but I have been able to overcome this obstacle by the power of personal focus. Every problem has a solution and I have always focused my thought process on the solution instead of the problem. The power of the subconscious to solve a problem is ignited as you focus on producing strength, calm, wisdom, and serenity through where the thought processes are directed. By placing the focus on solutions instead of problems, the brain automatically works to create positive paths. This positive energy is released by eventually watching the chaos and drama narcissistic people create disappear. It is much like throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz and watching her melt. Narcissistic personalities cannot stand positive people and eventually they will avoid you to retain the negative energy which propels the evil heart they possess.

    I practice yoga and find drawing to be therapeutic for releasing stress. I recently bought a few adult coloring books with amazing mandalas to refocus my thoughts to a greater positive and peaceful place. When you focus on the solutions, then you make the situation become more about healing and personal empowerment with self care. This is a daily meditation that eventually will separate and detach from the psychopath's destructive path. When you focus on the mindfulness meditation, you will find peace and serenity which will retain the sense of self that the psychopath did seek to destroy.

Article Author: Barberable