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Psychopaths Cannot Heal & Change, But Empathetic People Always Can

The ones without love or empathy or basic human kindness. They are the outliers, the aliens and the interlopers.

  1. psychobabble
    “There were a billion lights out there on the horizon and I knew that all of them put together weren't enough to light the darkness in the hearts of some men.”
    ― Michael Connelly

    I love this quote because I know I need but one light, not a billion, to light the unwanted darkness in my own heart. And that that one light, when it makes its presence known, will be the lodestar that guides me to hope and to the belief that I will love and believe in the goodness of people again one day. Right now, fear keeps my heart mute. Except for the regular beating of it, it would be easy to believe sometimes that there is actually just a hole where it once resided. Fear is responsible for the barbs currently wrapped tightly around it to protect me and keep me safe.

    BUT the fact that I KNOW the time is quickly approaching where I will allow just one of those beautiful, twinkling lights (be it the love of friends, the constancy and love of my husband, my friends here on PF, my unquestioning knowledge that I would, in fact, die for my children if it meant saving them) into my heart is what makes me believe that I will blossom again and it will be soon. I only need to believe in one, twinkling light.

    And to think there are human beings who can witness a BILLION lights and still not feel their heart expand with enlightenment and beauty and the desire to contribute only good to this world makes me feel sad beyond words, not for the people themselves, but for the universe, which try as it might, cannot affect change in such people.

    Blessings to all of you brave, courageous men and women on PF -- the new ones struggling to come to terms with the idea that true evil exists and it touched you, the ones like me walking their path to healing albeit in a meandering and sometimes backwards fashion, and those who have completed their journey and love enough to continue to come here to help and give hope to the rest of us. This little cosmos truly represents what I believe humanity really is. The ones without love or empathy or basic human kindness -- they are the outliers, the aliens and the interlopers.

    Peace to you today, my PF friends. I hope each one of you finds your one brilliant star on the horizon, the one that belongs only to you.

Article Author: psychobabble