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Healing From & Avoiding Future Psychopathic Abuse

This is when you begin to discover all of your strengths. Many of these were qualities you always possessed but never valued, like compassion and love.

  1. Peace
    This article is from a later chapter of the Psychopath Free book (click to view on Amazon).


    Instead of trying to gain everyone else’s approval, you will at some point find yourself wondering why people can’t be more like you. Why can’t they be easy-going, kind, caring, selfless, accommodating, and self-aware? This is called self-respect. This is your self-worth coming from within. Of course it still feels good to make someone else happy, but now you have a much better measure of who deserves your light. And this will bring you joy for the rest of your life.

    The Psychopath Free Pledge

    When members first join our forum, we ask them to take a pledge. It’s a promise that honors self-respect and encourages healthy relationships. If you follow these simple points, you will find permanent freedom from toxic bonds:
    1. I will never beg or plead for someone else again. Any man or man who brings me to that level is not worth my heart.
    2. I will never tolerate criticisms about my body, age, weight, job, or any other insecurities I might have. Good partners won’t put me down, they’ll raise me up.
    3. I will take a step back from my relationship once every month to make sure that I am being respected and loved, not flattered and love-bombed.
    4. I will always ask myself the question: “Would I ever treat someone else like this?” If the answer is no, then I don’t deserve to be treated like that either.
    5. I will trust my gut. If I get a bad feeling, I won’t try to push it away and make excuses. I will trust myself.
    6. I understand that it is better to be single than in a toxic relationship.
    7. I will not be spoken to in a condescending or sarcastic way. Loving partners will not patronize me.
    8. I will not allow my partner to call me jealous, crazy, or any other form of projection.
    9. My relationships will be mutual and equal at all times. Love is not about control and power.
    10. If I ever feel unsure about any of these steps, I will seek out help from a friend, support forum, or therapist. I will not act on impulsive decisions.​

    Do you take the pledge? If so, sign your name on this thread as a reminder—so you can come back any time and remember the promise you made to yourself. Treating yourself kindly not only accelerates the healing process, it also sets healthier habits in motion that will carry on throughout your future relationships and friendships. So do yourself a favor, and train your mind to start expecting the good things you’ve always deserved.

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Article Author: Peace