Cheating Boyfriend

After being caught, narcissistic cheaters actually feel an immense amount of superiority. Especially if they break up with you for the new partner. This is when they’re at their best—glowing with energy as they watch you fall from grace. It’s what they live for. He puts his newest target on display because he wants you to know about her. He’s waiting for your reaction. And if you don’t react, he will invent a reason to talk to you, making sure his new profile picture is displayed front and center. Often times, narcissists will use pointless requests as an excuse to get your attention. For example, returning an article of clothing or a DVD. Something that any normal person would just forget about.

Once he has your attention, he will adopt a calm, patronizing demeanor. Talking down to you as if he’s somehow the relationship guru because he’s happy and you’re single. The whole conversation will take on a very arrogant, “I’m-in-charge” sort of attitude. After the breakup, he’s obsessed with being the calm & superior person. The winner.

Cheaters caught can be remorseful, or they can be faking it. Learn which one you’re dealing with:

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