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  • Recent Forum Posts

    Been there, did it again! :(

    Welcome RavenB you are on the path to enlightenment! It's not an easy journey. You're in the right place. Things will get easier in time. The more you

    grassisgreener 1 Minute Ago Go to last post

    Technical Issues

    Thank you, guys!

    They're back. I see 2. I may have clicked on them, LuckyLaura, during my ill fated, "I have a PM! Let's see what it

    Delilah 1 Minute Ago Go to last post

    I didn't know this when it happened.

    Sometimes it is the people we've never laid eyes on, or met or ever do meet that are our angels. Stay strong.

    justhurting 1 Minute Ago Go to last post

    Make the most of his disappearing acts||

    This is such a great thread. Just when I had CD in my head over his late night disappearing acts this helped me realize I am not crazy for thinking he

    GettingOverHim 1 Minute Ago Go to last post

    Do all psychopaths know they are psychopaths?

    I don't know if xNP knows or not but I hope he does. I hope he knows exactly how cruel and evil he is.

    Beautiful Lie 2 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Why, why, why? What is his game?

    The first time I kicked my P out of the house and refused to speak with him via the tele', he started texting and calling my daughter. So I'd say yes,

    RoseMarie 2 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Diary Of A Girl Going To See Her Constants

    AKA: The Weary Driver

    Driver's Log: Day 1

    Sunday, July 19, 2015

    With heaviness in my heart and a car full of luggage,

    Delilah 3 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Anyone elses ex blame the abuse on you?

    Yes, yes and yes! Absolutely everything was my fault, after one of many arguments caused by his unreasonable behaviour I asked him if he could accept

    StarrySkies 3 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    New to the site.

    Lioness117 Things will get better, promise! It takes are making some good choices. Posting here and receiving support is important. Do you

    grassisgreener 11 Minutes Ago Go to last post