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The Battle

From abusive partners to corporate manipulators to the lying politicians who run this world, we've reached a breaking point. Evil isn't some obscure concept.

  1. Peace
    First off, I am so humbled & excited to announce that the Psychopath Free book has been picked up by Berkley at Penguin Books! It is now available online:


    You can also find it at Barnes & Noble stores everywhere!

    Now onto the weirder stuff. For more than two years, I've gone by the name "Peace". While I love the quiet life that comes with my pseudonym, I have come to discover that our mission is anything but quiet. With 70,000 Facebook fans and millions of forum visitors since we got started in late 2011, it has become clear that this issue impacts more people than we ever could have imagined. It is not at all normal for a website to grow at this pace.

    I believe there's a battle on the horizon. Not the kind with guns and bombs—but instead, a battle of the human conscience. Throughout history, people have told stories of villains. From fairytales to pop music to drawings in caves, they are all describing the same phenomenon: a battle between psychopaths & dreamers.

    Now, awareness is spreading faster than ever, and we are on the cutting edge of that momentum. There is so much at stake here: the very future of empathy, compassion, and love as we know it. Are these qualities strengths or weaknesses? Is the human conscience a brilliant evolutionary step for mankind, or is it a convenient vulnerability to be exploited?

    From abusive partners to corporate manipulators to the lying politicians who run this world, we've reached a breaking point. It is not possible to coexist with people who actively seek to harm & control others. Evil isn't some sort of obscure concept anymore—it has a name. And because of that name, a skyrocketing number of us have already joined together and validated what once seemed inexplicable.

    But based on the percentage of psychopaths and narcissists in the general population, statistics would indicate that we've barely even scratched the surface. There are many millions more out there who still need answers—gentle, kind, good people who have been taught to doubt their greatest qualities. Dreamers who are one simple word away from finding freedom & transforming their entire lives.

    You have all inspired me more than words can describe. Following the darkest time in my life, somehow I met people at every corner who wanted to make things better. You are founders, administrators, moderators, members, and lurkers. You are readers, an agent, and an editor. You are my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister. You are teachers, therapists, and writers. Above all, you are friends. Every day, you remind me that there is so much beauty & magic in this world worth fighting for.

    My name is Jackson MacKenzie. I still love cats & Christmas, and I am so proud to stand with the dreamers/

    I'm working on a new book about this stuff. If you would like to be notified when it's released, you can enter your email address below. This is not a mailing list. Just a one-time notification:

Article Author: Peace