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Healing and Recovery Resources

Various articles, communities, blogs, and books about narcissistic and psychopathic abuse.

  1. Peace
    Our goal here at PsychopathFree is to help you heal in the best way possible. That could be through our site, or it could be through hundreds of other resources out there.

    This article is basically a rapid-fire way to get new (and existing) members up to speed on how much information is available out there :)

    Search Terms
    There are a lot of terms besides psychopath that might yield very helpful resources. Here at PF, we believe most of these terms are interchangeable, since they all describe the same phenomenon of a lack of conscience. But here are some more common words that might help:
    • Psychopath
    • Sociopath
    • Narcissist
    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
    • Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD)
    • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
    • Emotional Abuse
    • Psychological Abuse
    • Psychological Maltreatment
    • Emotional Rape
    • Covert Abuse
    • Emotional Manipulator
    • Cluster-B Personality Disorders
    • Psychopathology
    • Emotional Vampire
    We do not necessarily endorse all of these sites/blogs and it is ultimately up to you decide what helps or does not help your healing process.
    Facebook Groups & Pages
    Facebook groups & pages are an amazing way to connect with other survivors:
    Prominent Figures in the Field
    Major educators and researchers in the field:
    • Claudia Moscovici
    • Shannon Thomas
    • Robert Hare
    • Hervey Cleckley
    • Martha Stout
    • Donna Andersen
    • Steve Becker
    There are many books written on the topic of psychopathy. Check out some of our favorites, along with the most popular ones out there:
    Articles & Threads
    Some of the best articles and forum threads out there, to give you a head start in the healing process. If there is no site credit, that means it is a PsychopathFree article.
    Just a few videos that we highly recommend viewing.

    I've written a new book about long-term healing. Whole Again is now published! If you would like to be notified about future books, you can enter your email address below. This is not a mailing list. Just a one-time notification:

Article Author: Peace