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Donations & the PF Non-Profit

We have decided to formally retire the non-profit, and simply fund the website and awareness campaigns through our ad revenue.

  1. Peace
    In 2015, we were approved as a 501c3 non-profit organization. We set out with the promise of spending 100% of member contributions on spreading awareness. This meant no salaries, no overhead, and totally transparent finances. Every single penny spent by members went directly toward helping others learn about psychopathy.

    I'm really proud to say that we succeeded in that goal. Between your donations and the site advertisements, we were able to spend over $30,000 on awareness campaigns, which reached more than 7 million people.


    I felt honored to work alongside other admins in this endeavor. I think it took a lot of integrity and dedication to volunteer their time toward this project. This became a second full-time job for many of us. It's sort of funny that our biggest problem with PF was its success.

    Since the forum went private, things have quieted down as intended. We have decided to formally retire the non-profit, and simply fund the website and awareness campaigns through our ad revenue.

    Some FAQs:

    When will the non-profit officially end?

    We stop taking donations effective immediately, and our fiscal year will end in December 2017.

    Can I still write off my 2017 donations in taxes?

    Yes. Our fiscal year continues through December 2017. Any donations you made before then can be written off in your taxes.

    What will you do with the remaining donations?

    All remaining donations will continue to be spent on awareness campaigns. Nothing has changed there, 100% of your contributions will go toward helping others learn about psychopathy.

    What about my Contributing Member status on PF?

    That will stay forever. You will never see ads. Since donations are no longer enabled, other users are not able to become Contributing Members any longer.

    What about recurring monthly donations?

    We are cancelling all recurring monthly donations this week, along with a thank you letter for your ongoing generosity. September 2017 is the final month that any recurring donations are made. And really, thank you!

    How will the website be paid for? Will awareness campaigns keep running?

    Our Google Ads cover the website hosting costs. Since the forum got quieter, we've been able to downgrade our servers so the cost is perfectly affordable. As always, any additional Ad revenue will go toward awareness campaigns.

    Between the non-profit closure and the private forum, it seems like PF is shutting down?

    PF isn't going anywhere. The admins and mods are still here, and we don't intend to go anywhere. As long as people need PF, it will be here. We're all just trying to readjust our lives, to incorporate some more peace & quiet. We love the members here and see this community as a second family.

    Thank you all for your years of unbelievable generosity. To say you made a big difference would be an understatement. You reached millions of people who were once as confused and lost as you. I think that is an amazing thing.

    If you have any questions, please ask in the discussion thread here:


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Article Author: Peace